About Pinnacle Business Solutions

About Pinnacle Business SolutionsPinnacle Business Solutions is an information systems consultancy company established in 1995 with long standing oil and gas sector experience and primary focus on the engineering and construction sectors. Pinnacle’s consultants possess extensive knowledge and experience of the information requirements to support major engineering, procurement and construction projects, and have developed and supported systems in this area for more than 30 years. With origins in the offshore contracting business, Pinnacle’s consultants are also experienced in the management of projects within controlled budgets; to meet tight schedule deadlines and to comply with company quality plans.

Pinnacle supplies its MatriX Engineering Project Support system that delivers significant performance improvements on major engineering fabrication and construction projects. Development of MatriX commenced in the late 1990’s and the product has evolved continuously since then with numerous added functions and enhancements, driven primarily by customer demand. Today, MatriX is a comprehensive system for effectively managing and progressing complex engineering, fabrication and construction projects from design through to commissioning.

MatriX has been designed specifically to support best practices in fabrication and construction, and many customers seeking recognized quality accreditations use MatriX as a benchmark to develop and enhance their internal procedures. MatriX also assists with adherence to company and industry standards.

The combined skills and experience of the Pinnacle team and state of the art development techniques enables MatriX solutions to be provided that are simple to use and with high levels of functionality to satisfy demanding business requirements.