Pipe Spool Construction Progress Tracking

Pipe Spool Construction Progress TrackingMatriX provides detailed progress tracking facilities for process piping fabrication projects, from spool pre-fabrication through the various stages of line erection and line hydro-testing. Progress is updated and monitored for Spools, Lines and Hydrotest.

Progress MilestonesProgress milestones, stages and sets are completely flexible and user configurable. This provides for progress tracking at the level required and also caters for different project requirements. For example, the activities (and therefore milestones) that apply during the pre-fabrication stage may differ based on material type; carbon steel piping could involve painting but may not be relevant for stainless, conifer, plastic etc.

To simplify setup, an option is available to allow copying from another project. Wherever possible, milestones can be automatically updated with completion dates provided from other areas / departments using MatriX.

A spool punch list facility can be used to identify and manage outstanding work and inspection activities. Any problems can be recorded on the punchlist. If a work item needs to be cleared before hydrotesting then that can be identified and the relevant hydrotest record highlights when there are un-cleared punch list items.