Document Control

Document ControlThe MatriX-EPS Document Control System (DocmaX) provides central management and control of all documents, drawings and files circulated throughout the organisation. User security facilities provide simple and secure access to all documents.

Workflow facilities support controlled document revision and approval processes. This ensures that all documents required for business operations are the correct up-to-date versions.

DocmaX facilitates both simple and complex working environments for individual processes and projects, employees, workgroups, departments and multi-site enterprises. Its powerful database keeps track of all files and associated information and avoids the need to remember fileserver names, volumes, folders, directories and even filenames. There are powerful search and filter facilities to help locate documents with user definable keywords and document categories.

All drawings and documents are profiled and activity is tracked by DocmaX audit trails with high emphasis placed on managing document revisions with a configurable revision control system. Once revised (and approved), the latest revision is made available to the appropriate projects, work groups, departments and personnel to ensure users are always viewing and working with the latest versions of drawings, documents and files.

DocmaX also includes a powerful workflow engine that automates document workflow routing. This can be configured to ensure there are multiple workflow routes dependant on operational, project and workgroup requirements.

Other powerful DocmaX features include pre-defined (and user controlled) distribution matrices, email with links to documents and / or attachments for internal and external usage, cross-referencing to planning activities and work packs, and time booking for tracking hours spent on drawings and revisions.

In summary, DocmaX provides:

  • search facilities to locate the documents you need
  • central management of documents and revisions - access, security and permissions
  • workflow management of documents across projects, staff and departments
  • bulk load for documents and drawings from external sources (clients, partners etc.)
  • notification process to ensure all users are aware of document revisions
  • tailored views into the database using focused workbasket facilities