MatriX provides facilities that help the production team manage operations during fabrication. This includes access to information from engineering, planning and material control such as:

  • Drawing list with current revisions and facility to view drawing
  • Details of delivered material / components with supporting documentation (e.g. mill certificates; test certificates)
  • Pipe line list and Piping Specification details
  • Identification of structural steelwork type with links to quality requirements for welding
  • Item weights to help determine handling / lifting requirements
  • Man-hour estimates / budgets for fabrication of piping and structural items
  • Surface areas along with painting / coating requirements (and quantities for ordering)
  • Status of material availability
  • Weld Procedures
  • Welder qualifications and qualification expiry dates
  • Progress records showing status of pipe spool fabrication, installation and hydrotesting
  • Welding statistics showing production and failure rates

Other useful facilities provided for the production team include:

  • Cutting of items within construction / fabrication drawings that refer to the relevant nesting drawing for the pieces that need to be cut
  • Production Weld Records and team assignment
  • Fabrication / Construction components needed (drawing items) can be requested for issue by the warehouse
  • Welding operations. MatriX assists welding team leaders by displaying the current Production Weld Records (pre-assigned sets of welds) and allowing them to add the identity of fitters and fit-up date. After fit-up inspection, the weld details can be developed to show welder(s), weld date, procedure used and consumable used. Records can also include the identification of the particular serial number or heat-cast reference for the items being welded.
  • Pre-fabricated assembly management. Storage locations can be recorded. Any movements / transportations can be controlled (e.g. for any sub-contracted treatments / processes or transfer from fabrication location to installation location).
  • In-situ construction / installation. The items needed can be requested for issue when wanted. Progress recording facilities are also available.
  • Hydro-testing progress
  • Piping punch lists. The various miscellaneous tasks for closing-out line installations can be managed via the punch-list facility.
  • Requisitions. The Production team can directly enter a requisition for any miscellaneous requirements that are additional to the items requisitioned by Engineering following drawing material take-off. Standard email enabled workflow operations are available for approvals.