Pipe Tracking & Pipe Lay Management

pipe_trackingPipemaX provides effective material traceability and quality assurance for the entire process of pipeline fabrication from the chemical analysis of the casts of the steel through to the as-built and as-laid records of the completed pipeline.

Quality assurance functions are an integral part of the system by recording all welds, repairs and re-weld details as well as visual, radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye-penetrant examinations.

Full status information is maintained on material detailing the stages and its current location within the fabrication process. This also enables the system to record and display the pipeline length and volume at any give time also ensuring that a full material reconciliation can be performed as soon as the project is completed.

PipemaX offers users a real competitive advantage. Key features, such as, the comprehensive report, search and status functions, combine functionality and practicality to deliver improved pipeline management.


Weld Details

Improving Efficiency

PipemaX is a fully scalable system, available as a stand-alone or client server application, with the operating platform being SQL Server.

It delivers all the benefits you would expect from an automated pipeline control and monitoring system - including reduced cost, improved efficiency and global availability of information.

Weld Details



Key Features

  • Maintain lists of all pipes and associated fittings
  • Maintain lists of all welds, repairs and re-welds
  • Record all inspection results
  • Record all weld survey points
  • Maintain status of pipes and welds
  • Facility to report on any part of the pipeline, in either direction


Support Services

PipemaX is backed up by a comprehensive range of off-site support services. All clients are offered assistance with installation and start-up, although the system's intrinsic ease of use means that such help is often not required.

In addition, specialist on-site training can be tailored to suite the needs of the individual users.

Once PipemaX is installed and operational, support is provided through a Help Desk facility at Pinnacle Business Solutions - and a remote dial-in support option is also available if required.