RequisitioningReqmaX is a simple but comprehensive solution that gives complete control over all materials and services requisitioned for organisations, companies and specific projects. It encourages management by exception, reducing approval cycle times and offers a rapid return on investment.The system covers all business and operational areas associated with the requisition approval cycle and its related activities.

ReqmaX is intended for use by requisitioners and staff required to review and approve requisitions. Most organisations and companies operate a process where all Material and Service Requisitions are paper-based. This makes it extremely difficult for the project management team to control and track the status of requisitions.

Material and services urgently required are often delayed as the paper requisition cannot easily be tracked and expedited.. The potential knock-on effect is that urgent materials and services are not always available when required and the project fabrication and construction schedule suffers. 

Requisition List

Requisitioners input their requirements directly into the system and with a default approval route assigned the requisition is automatically passed forward for approval by appropriate personnel. When all required approvals have been obtained (project engineer, cost control, QA/QC, project manager etc.) the requisition is actioned by Procurement Personnel.

Approval routes (workflow) are based on the type and priority of the material or service being requisitioned and this facility can be tailored and customised according to client and project requirements.

The main operations relating to requisitioning are creation and tracking of requisitions; expediting of requisitions, review, checking and approvals, request for quotation and subsequent action and generation to a purchase order by the procurement department.

Requisition Items

ReqmaX allows entry of all appropriate information including basic requisition information, material or service based line items, required on site material schedules (multiple per item), financial cost codes ((multiple per item), suggested vendors, part number and descriptions, notes to the purchasing personnel etc. All information is entered by the requisitioner and once completed it is passed to the first approval point in the approval workflow route. When all required approvals have been obtained the requisition appears in the workbasket of the procurement department.

ReqmaX is an integral part of the Matrix suite of products and interfaces with the main procurement system, ProcuremaX which provides effective materials management across the complete procurement cycle.