Time Booking

Time BookingMatriX-EPS Time Booking system (TimemaX) ensures accurate recording and reporting of all labour and equipment time expended on projects by activity or cost code. This information can then also be used for monitoring of labour and equipment costs.

TimemaX provides controlled facilities for employees and supervisors that ensure all project chargeable as well as overhead time is recorded and accounted for. Time Booking checks all relevant information - employee and equipment master lists, swipe / clocking in and out times, shift details etc. that highlight any missing hours and ensure full reconciliation of all time.

Authorisation facilities are provided that allow timesheets to be approved individually or in groups e.g. for a range of dates or departments.

  • For level 1 authorisation, supervisors can authorise individual entries where all employee details for the booking date are valid.
  • A higher level 2 authorisation is also available that includes further checks e.g. hours booked vs the maximum total hours possible, by designation, department etc.