Weight Control & Center of Gravity Management

Weight Control / COG ManagementLoadmaX is a weight control system that provides total weights and center of gravity (x,y,z) positions for complex facilities such as offshore oil & gas platforms, oil rigs, ships or operations such as heavy lifting where weight management is necessary.

This fully functional weight control and center-of-gravity system for use by engineering professionals can be used during any pre-production stages from conceptual or detailed design through fabrication or installation.

The system can also be utilised for existing installations to assess the impact of modifications or to check stability based on cargo and ballast conditions.

LoadmaX provides a controlled method for the Weight Control Engineer to manage data for a project through any stage of design, construction or on-going modification and maintenance.

A register of the weight of all items (recording the weight and center-of-gravity for each item, planned or actual), is inherent in the system to calculate the total weight and / or center-of-gravity.

Key Features

  • Calculations at all phases of construction and modification
  • Assess weight and Center of Gravity for an unlimited number of Load Cases
  • Record data for multiple platforms / installations
  • Platform data split by module
  • Record dry and operating weights
  • Record weight tolerances
  • Classify items by discipline, system, elements
  • Application of weight status and accuracy percentages
  • New builds - track weight growth (time based graph) / cf. Load Case targets
  • Data import from external sources (Take Off systems, Excel spreadsheets)

Weight Items

These key features ensure that LoadmaX delivers a reduced cost of operation, greater accuracy and global availability of information. LoadmaX is generally utilised by weight controllers and engineers when operating in accordance within quality management systems that may involve compliance with ISO 19901-5:2003.

Using LoadmaX in association with the QuantimaX material takeoff system provides the facility to automatically generate items in preparation for the assignment of Center of Gravity coordinates.