Welding Quality Assurance / Material Traceability

Welding Quality ControlMatriX includes comprehensive welding quality control, as well as materials traceability facilities. The system also provides complete progress monitoring of welds and NDT inspections for Piping and Structural steel fabrication projects.

Weld DetailsQuality Control functions are an integral part of the system and all required details are addressed including welds, repairs and re-weld details as well as fit-up, visual, radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye-penetrant examinations.

Registration of personnel and their qualifications, procedures, drawings, welds (and their processes), inspection requirements (catering for all inspection types) and inspection results through to report package generation and completion are all included.

Project Weekly Weld Defect RateFull status and progress information and material traceability is maintained for material items (both piping and structural) detailing the location and status within the fabrication process. This also enables the system to record and display the progress of welding and NDT inspection at any point in time and also ensures that full material reconciliation can be performed as soon as the project is completed.