System Integration

Integration and interfacing of systems enables single point data entry, eliminates duplication of effort and ensures high quality data, accessible and shared by all interested parties.

Pinnacle Business Solutions has provided comprehensive system integration and interface services to a wide range of customers covering a wide and complex range of business functions and software applications since the late 1990’s.

Extensive integration services have been provided to customers in many business sectors including local government, hospitals and health trusts, education, finance and accounting, engineering and construction, oil & gas, petrochemicals and bio-technology.

Integration services have also involved a wide variety of business areas and processes including general accounting, cost control, invoicing, payroll, procurement, inventory, estimating, quality control, human resources and document control.

MatriX-EPS implementations often require us to consider and assist with interfaces or integration with other third party systems including Engineering / CAD, ERP, Financial Accounting and Planning. MatriX-EPS is provided as standard with a comprehensive set of data import and export facilities, that are frequently used initially, and more sophisticated integration solutions subsequently developed where required.

Our standard, structured and quality-driven approach used for software development projects applies equally to all system integration solutions.